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Hello, this is AstroFox 0.8.
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  1.6+ million unsaved chart calls
Update History (0.8)
- Added displaying actual Asc/MC for house-sign systems
- Adapted house list for the house-sign systems
- Fixed some graphical glitches on charts
- Added Ruling Light to displayed data

Update History (0.7)
- Fixed displaying triplicities in day births

Update History (0.6)
- Hayz-related computations fixed
- 'Is planet in sect' fixed
- Planet and sign nature (m/f) added
- Other minor changes

Update History (0.5)
- Fixed a bug regarding term table selection for Almuten Figuris
- Added Dominating planet
- Added Alcocoden
- Added two new house systems: house per sign by Asc and by MC

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