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These are your rights...
... concerning the materials you get with AstroFox

You may consider that all materials generated with AstroFox are under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, and thus free to adapt and share around, mentioning the base comes from AstroFox 0.8. Additionally, you will have to use same or similar license as this one.

Initial Troubleshooting
The things you can do before asking for help

If AstroFox starts acting oddly, try reloading the page fully with Ctrl+Shift+R (Firefox), Ctrl+R (Opera) or Ctrl+F5 (Internet Explorer).

If this doesn't help, try removing some AstroFox' cookies.

If the bad state of AstroFox persists for more than ten minutes, you can freely report a bug. :)

Support and Feedback forums
... where you can get help or help us make software better

Discontinued at the time. AstroFox rolls as-is and awaits better days.